Thanks for checking out my SimLit.

This blog is my creative writing project/self-care/chance to pay loving homage to my many different nerd interests. I’ve been a simmer since 2004 but I just started writing SimLit last year and I am having a blast!

I think the best way to describe my current story is Hallmark movie meets supernatural horror meets romantic comedy.

Come for the romance! Stay for the tropes! Try not to get smote by the God of Death!

You know: good, saucy, paranormal fun 😉

Current Story: Baking By Death

(Want to know what it’s about? Click here)

Content Warning: This story features adult language, adult situations, and violence. There is sex (though nothing explicit), and for as much as things are silly and fun, sometimes they get a little dark.

Status: We’re back baby! Updates abound.

Updates: Every Sunday at 8:00 p.m.

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