Would you like to hear a story?

Stories collide in The Curious Chronicles when a group of regular Sims stumble upon a supernatural world they never knew existed. Along the way they find love and secrets.

And they learn the lengths we will go to for both.

We All Have Our Own Stories

The mysterious young man on the run from his past and the celebrity who finds herself haunted by a persistent ghost.

The carefree non-profit director who finally begins to understand herself.

The Social Media Queen who finds a love that thaws her heart, and fights to keep it.

The hard-boiled detective and the ambitious journalist who refuse to let a cold case go.

The aging vampire, his estranged son, and the woman who gave up everything for love.

The teacher on a mission.

Each of them is just making their way in their own separate story.

or are they?

Content Warning

This SimLit has adult content. While I never go anywhere truly explicit, the characters use NSFW language and get in NSFW situations. There are also themes around addiction, assault, and abuse. I’ll post trigger warnings before any chapter where that comes up.

Please don’t take this to mean the story is dire. A lot of the NSFW content is foul language and good, saucy, paranormal fun. But there is lot of stuff in this story and these character’s backgrounds and I just want everyone to be prepared ♥️