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Current Story: Underworld Family Values

Welcome to the Underworld. In this house, we behead our enemies.
When Phobos and the God of Death settle their family into the Underworld, they grapple with inner demons, warring gods, and home renovations. Everyone is evolving, but into what? And it will save the worlds or destroy them?


Underworld Family Values Intro

The World of Myths and Creatures

“Few things are born of magic anymore. Vampires are turned, werewolves are bitten, even witches with the purest bloodlines have, at some point, captured their magic from the Universe. Supernaturals are made, tainted with mortality, susceptible to myth-making. They forget which stories are pretend, which ones are real, and which ones they should actually be afraid of.”

L. Faba, Sage of MiSchief Magic